Give a new look to your old tried cake recipes

If you’re the traditional type of cake and bread maker you might be unaware that there is a whole world of novelty cake tins available these days.

Cake tins

There is a lot of satisfaction in making your own cakes and bread at home.They always taste better, don’t they, than those that have been sitting in a shop window for ages? Plus, cake baking at home overcomes the limited choice that you’re sometimes confronted with. You can make whatever size and shape of cake you like, and know that it is fresh and contains the best ingredients.

How much better then, it is, if you have a special celebration coming up, to bake your own special cake, rather than rely on a shop bought one. Whatever the occasion might be there is a way, with novelty cake tins, to create something that is both original, and just right for the occasion.

  • Themed cake tins are plentiful, with designs such as an American football, a stadium, a fairy castle, a golf bag and clubs, a party hat, a pirate ship, a St. Patrick's Day shamrock, a car, a smiley graduation face, and an angel among them.
  • The range of novelty cake tins available is truly enormous. A popular series of novelty cake tins is based on animals, and includes, a fish, a butterfly, a duck, a dinosaur, a friendly lion, a rabbit, a baby stork, a panda, and a cuddly bear.
  • Another range includes celebrity figures, both real and fictional, such as Snow White, Barbie, Winnie the Pooh, little Hero, Princess Ariel, and others. There are many novelty cake tins to appeal to little girls, including, dancing daisy, Teen doll (blonde or brunette), ballerina bear, the princess carriage, the handbag (purse), the crown, and the butterfly.
  • Children, especially girls, are often keen to learn how to bake cakes themselves, and to encourage them you might like to consider the ranges of novelty bake tins designed to produce small cakes and cookies. Most of these are affordable and include such designs as: a stand-up mini bear, bite-sized gingerbread men, a mini ghost, mini pumpkin cake, mini bunny, petite heart, mini egg, and mini snowmen.
  • Certain festivals and holidays, like Christmas and Easter, demand a special cake, so why not try something different from the traditional, round cake? For Halloween you might be tempted by designs such as: a spooky ghost, an iridescent pumpkin, or a witch perhaps?
  • With novelty cake tins combined with a round or square cake tins, you can, with a little imagination, build a complex design or a miniature scene, such as a Christmas cake with white icing, mini snowmen, and sprigs of holly.
  • Given some thought it is possible to create a fantastic wedding cake from an assembly of several layers of round cake tins plus some novelty ones, and save a lot of money by making it yourself.